Statistical Sampling

In order to generalize the results of a study to a larger population, data must be collected from a sample which is sufficiently large and is representative of the population. Simple Random Sampling (SRS) is the most basic and common approach to sampling. Researchers select the sample from a list of all members of the population through a process that ensures equal chances of selection. Unfortunately, SRS can be inefficient in many cases—it can be overly expensive and imprecise. For instance,

  • Additional information is often available to the researchers that, if used properly, can result in more precise estimates of population characteristics.
  • The proximity of population members to the researcher can affect data-collection costs by making the costs vary across population members.
  • The population may naturally be clustered into homogeneous or heterogeneous groups.
  • The researchers may also be interested in drawing conclusions about subpopulations.

In these cases and in others, SRS is no longer an efficient way of selecting a representative sample from a defined population. The data collection process must be fine-tuned with more advanced survey designs to maintain costs and increase precision. Our trained statisticians at Elite Research can help you determine appropriate sample sizes and design a more efficient data-collection scheme that will match your research needs while balancing precision and cost.

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I was pleased to have Elite Research support my research work. Their service was prompt and reliable - always meeting my various deadlines and needs. [My Elite Research consultant] and the team are very professional in their approach to the work. I highly recommend their services for anyone conducting serious research.
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