Research Development & Grant Services

Grant services at Elite Research go far beyond grant writing. A great grant proposal, whether research or program based, small or complex, foundation or federal agency, starts with a great idea and a specific strategy. Our consultants have collaborated on grant proposals and been awarded across the nonprofit, industry, and academic spectrum, and are able to work with you on each step of the pre-award process. We are fully capable to assist you in each of these steps, however there are specific areas (bolded) where researchers greatly benefit from our diverse expertise.











Capacity building to ensure you as a researcher and your ideas are fundable.

Due diligence to confirm you have a fundable and feasible idea.

Ensuring your idea is an appropriate “fit” with the potential funder.

Understanding and building the technical and business requirements.

Fine-tuning your proposal for the strongest possible submission.

Needs Assessments

Concept Development

Funder Alignment

Research & Project Design

Proposal Critique & Feedback


Appropriate Research Questions

RFP/RFA Review &

Goals, Objectives &

Formatting to Funder Requirements

Research Trajectory

Literature Review

Identifying Submission Criteria

Logic Models

Technical Editing/Polish

Coaching & Mentoring

Timelines & Milestones

Concept Papers

Timeline & Milestones


Early Career Training


Pitching to Program Officers

Technical Writing





Evaluation Plans





Third-Party Evaluation





Ensuring Proper Funder Requirements





Cost Analysis


We believe our unique values of partnership and empowerment come through in every working relationship. As your partner, we are motivated by your research; this means your goals are our goals, and when you win, we win.

Why Elite Research?

  • We are a strategic, proactive, catalytic, and empowering consulting firm that has helped others secure $51 million in funding.
  • We believe in the mentorship process, and guarantee that you will learn from us and our processes.
  • Our 20+ consultants can help you at any stage along the pre-award process.
  • Our consultants have been awarded highly competitive federal grants, and understand how to write marketable proposals that conform to specific funder format requirements.
  • We have in-house applied statisticians to help with your proposal’s research design, to determine if the statistical analyses included in your proposal are adequate for your project, to help you to write your analysis plan in statistically appropriate language, and even to work with you after your grant has been awarded to provide any statistical support you may need and to report back to your funder.
  • We are well-versed in qualitative and mixed-methods research, which strengthen proposals.
  • Our consultants have experience as grant evaluators, and can be written in on your grant as independent, third-party evaluators.
  • Elite Research consultants have years of experience reviewing various types of proposals and quickly identify typos, word choice (specific funder nomenclature), sentence structure, and other common writing errors. Editing services are available to give your proposal the final polish it needs.

Our Consultants?

Elite Research consultants:

  • Are highly experienced and have advanced degrees (Master’s and/or PhDs) and unique approaches through applied science.
  • Have fluency and enthusiasm for research development
  • Have detailed knowledge of the academic funding enterprise
  • Are detail-oriented and self-motivated
  • Have excellent skills in:
    • Client relations
    • Project management
    • Grant and technical writing
    • Data analytics and visualization
    • Document production
    • On-line resources and data management

We have compiled a few links that may prove useful to you if you are just starting out in the grant process. The information in these links is intended to help you through the grant process, but using these links does not guarantee that you will receive a grant. Click Helpful Grant Websites to learn more.

We offer grant-writing services for individuals, foundations, academic institutions, corporations, medical/health organizations, and nonprofit organizations for your ideas relating to:

  • Research grants
  • Program development grants
  • Arts & Humanities grants
  • Publication grants
  • Secondary analysis grants
  • Seed money research grants
  • Conference/seminar grants

Note, we do not currently support small business/start-up business grants, scholarship/academic grants to students, nor non-research grants to individuals.

Please keep in mind that working with any company that provides grant-writing services, including Elite Research, does not guarantee that your grant will be awarded. If you chose to build cost of working with Elite Research into your grant budget (i.e., for statistical work throughout the life of the grant) and if the grant is awarded, then half of the pre-proposal costs of your services will be refunded to you.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for an estimate on those services.