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Elite Research offers several standard training and workshop packages, as well as customized services, to meet your needs. Topics of our workshops generally relate to research and statistics. On site workshops are intended for approximately 4 - 25 attendees. We can also hold workshops of any size at your location. If you would like to host a workshop for a larger group, or if you would like to inquire about a customized workshop, feel free to contact us.

Getting More Out of Excel

Three Excel courses (3 hours each) cover topics that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • performing calculations and advanced formulas;
  • sorting and conditional formatting;
  • streamlining and enhancing spreadsheets with templates, charts, graphics, and table making; and
  • learning how to create and edit a macro.

As researchers and academics, we see a need for these “tricks of the trade,” and this information can save time and headaches. Simple techniques can prevent many problems later in areas such as data management, research design, file importing, statistical analysis, and manuscript preparation. Materials are provided.

SPSS & Statistics

These workshops focus primarily on using SPSS for applied statistical work and are beneficial for those with a wide range of SPSS and statistical abilities. Both those hoping to get started in SPSS as well as those who are interested in learning advanced skills, such as syntax and factor analysis, will profit from the workshop. Sessions cover the software as well as how to understand and use the statistics correctly.

Beginner – 4 sessions; 2.5 hours each session; materials are provided

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • the basics of setting up a data file,
  • coding and recoding variables,
  • computing and sorting variables, and
  • running descriptive statistics.

Intermediate – 4 sessions; 2.5 hours each session; materials are provided

Topics include how to run and interpret basic statistics such as:

  • t-tests,
  • ANOVAs,
  • correlation, and
  • cross tabulations.

Advanced – 4 sessions; 2.5 hours each session; materials are provided

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • regression analyses;
  • factor analyses; and
  • using syntax to create, run, and save analyses.

Although each week builds on the previous weeks, participants who are familiar with SPSS and the topics of the previous weeks can begin during a later session.

Sample Size and Power Analysis

Designed for researchers who need to calculate sample size estimates for their own research studies, the main objectives of this workshop are to teach the logic, steps, and issues that researcher need to consider. Materials are provided, and topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • a review of power, hypothesis tests, effect sizes, and how and why they relate to sample size;
  • the steps for calculating sample size;
  • issues in sample size calculation, including how to choose the parameter on which to base the calculations;
  • how to estimate the relevant effect size, a priori vs. post hoc power, and standardized effect sizes; and
  • demonstrations of the steps for different kinds of calculations, ranging from t-tests to logistic regression using g*power (free software).

Data Management & Exploration

This workshop is designed for researchers who work with data files, created either with hand entry or electronic data collection. The workshop’s objectives are to teach the logic, steps, and issues that researchers need to consider in managing, cleaning, and exploring their data. Materials are provided, and topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • tips for better data management,
  • the steps for exploring and cleaning data,
  • tips for managing data in Excel and SPSS,
  • determining outliers in the data and what to do about them, and
  • demonstrations of the steps for checking assumptions using SPSS.

Additional topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Research Design and Advanced Analysis - Why a t-test just doesn’t cut it anymore

What your vita says about you - Developing your focused research career

Writing for publication

Writing for Grant Proposals


See our list of current and upcoming workshops in research, statistics, and dissertations.

After working on my dissertation on my own for three years and consulting with a few various tutors from different organizations, I found myself to be even more confused on the purpose of my study. After coming across a list of STATA tutors, I stumbled upon Elite Research. I sent an email to [the lead statistician] and we quickly spoke afterwards. She provided the assurance that I needed to ensure that my study will be completed. [The lead statistician] recommended that [a particular statistical consultant] would be the best person to work with me on my project since it included the use of multi-level models. [My statistical consultant] was very professional, helpful and was able to explain the methods to the point that I felt very confident about conducting the analysis. If I had any questions, [she] was extremely helpful on providing the information and knowledge that I needed to succeed. With [my statistical consultant]'s help and over the course of 9 months, Elite Research was able to get me to the dissertation defense and I have earned my PhD. Thanks to Elite I am now done with the dissertation and I am so grateful. I highly recommend their services. Thank you Elite!
-G. S., PhD


The students kept talking about their experience. Thank you for a wonderful day. Each presenter was interesting and we truly enjoyed our time. Thank you for your patience; it was exciting to see a practical application of research and stats outside of a hospital or university context. Elite was warm and welcoming and helped us make sense of the math magic. It was a fun way of learning and who knew statisticians could be so funny. We loved the day!

-Graduate Class at SMU


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