Our Clients

You may be coming to us as a student, professor, head of your organization, small business owner, medical facilitator, or non-profit researcher – wherever you are from, we have the means to efficiently complete your project from start to finish.  
Our consultants support academic researchers for whole universities, colleges, and departments, as well as individual faculty researchers with their research design, analysis, manuscript development for grant research or publications, and more. We also offer a variety of workshops to train your department in Excel, SPSS, research design, and beyond. We work closely with students in all phases of the dissertation and defense process.  Starting with the plan and heading of the thesis, evaluating the survey design, assisting with data collection methods for analysis, using statistical methodologies to run on the information collected, preparing and going over defense questions, and finally publication. 

At a corporate and medical level, Elite consultants have a wealth of experience to provide efficient accurate answers that can turn into solutions to enhance your company or organization.  We develop program evaluations, create customer and employee surveys, assist with conducting market research, perform chart reviews, and have experience working with large-scale medical databases. 
If you are a nonprofit organization, let our team assist you in improving the understanding and practice of the research you do and the research you need to get accomplished.  We have experience working on grant proposals, analysis of large scale grant funded programs, research and statistical trainings for non-profit personnel, and other design and analysis projects in conjunction with nonprofits.

Feel free to contact Elite to learn more about how we can help you with your research and statistical needs.