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Elite Research offers assistance with survey services, reliable methods of data collection, and other procedures to yield valid data. Contact us at 1-800-806-5661 for a free initial consultation.

Surveys are a great way to find out what people think about nearly any topic. Do you need to administer customer or employee surveys, or are you conducting market research or program evaluations? Our survey design consultants would be happy to help you with all of those things and more through our survey services

At Elite Research, our survey design consultants have extensive experience in survey services and questionnaire designs. Our survey design consultants will work to ensure that your survey or questionnaire will yield usable data and accurate results. You might need to consider other data collection methods in addition to surveys because web, mail, and paper (on-site administration) surveys all have different requirements, such as ordering of items, question formats, and scale placements. Our survey design consultants provide the best survey services by remaining up to date with the latest literature on survey methodology and design

Why Elite Research?

  • Your survey design consultants will help you ensure that your survey questions are presented in the way that will allow the most powerful statistical analyses of your data.
  • You will learn how to make sure the data you collect will fully answer the research questions that you are asking.
  • You will feel confident that your survey is formatted to ensure the most accurate responses.

Feel free to inquire further about our survey services; we also have professional statisticians and editors to help with research design among our many other services. Contact Elite Research today!

Dr. Paulson was my "statistical mentor" for my online faculty and student surveys sent to over 100 undergraduate writing programs at diverse institutions. She provided invaluable assistance in helping me refine my survey questions so that they would read more professionally and produce findings that would be valid and convincing. Dr. Paulson also helped me understand the implications of my survey’s findings so that I would not understate nor overstate them. I consider Dr. Paulson an extremely valuable resource to graduate students engaged in analytical research projects that achieve high confidence ratings and are replicable. Every graduate student or professor engaged in research that I have talk with appreciates Dr. Paulson's expertise and her abilities to help students succeed. We are fortunate to have her and Elite Research.
Gary H. Wilson


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