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We know how busy you are. That’s why our professional editors are here to assist you with the fine details of English proofreading to perfect your document down to the last period. We customize our academic editing and formatting services to fit your needs. Our professional editors are here to help you with any of the following: a hard edit of your manuscript; some help formatting your dissertation, thesis, essay, journal article, or proposal; some tips about how to correctly cite sources; and more.

Elite Research offers three types of editing: format, grammar, and content edits. Depending on your needs, you may choose any combination of the different types of academic editing for the various pieces of your project. Our professional editors are experts in a variety of style formats, including AMA, APA, MLA, and Chicago. In addition, our professional editing consultants will adhere to the specific requirements of your university, department, or organization.

Instead of charging you per page, we’ve found an hourly rate to be more cost efficient for our clients, especially when choosing editing levels one or two. As with all of our services, we provide an estimate of the time needed to complete any editing work.

Why Elite Research?

  • Your manuscript will be presented in a professional format that is appropriate to your targeted audience.
  • You can choose the type of academic editing service that you require. We can edit for any combination of the following: grammar, which includes (but it not limited to) looking for typos, spelling errors, and sentence structure; clarity, which focuses on ensuring that your message is accurately conveyed through your text and word choice; and format, which is tailored to fit the requirements of your style guide, organization, publisher, or university.
  • You will directly work with one of our graduate-level professional editors who are not only experienced but also supportive and encouraging. We want to see you succeed.

Because every project is different in terms of number of pages and time needed to edit, Elite Research bills you by the hour instead of by the page, which saves you money. Our clients find that the final cost of their dissertation or thesis project is significantly less than they would have paid our competitors due to their high by-the-page rates. We believe that charging you by the hour is a better reflection of the amount of time and work your project requires, as opposed to most other companies which charge you by the page, which does not truly reflect the attention they gave to your project. As with all of our services, we provide an estimate of the time needed to complete any academic editing work.

Feel free to contact Elite to inquire further about how our professional editors provide academic editing to our clients; when you contact Elite, you should also ask about our other services, including help in grant proposals from a grant proposal writer.


I would like to thank Elite Research for their excellent support and assistance throughout the prospectus and dissertation writing process. I believe that the Elite Research team played a critical role in completing both projects in a timely manner. The staff provided expertise in data analysis and presentation of the research findings. Their help was invaluable to me. My sincere appreciation to the Elite Research staff for their part in helping me successfully complete my dissertation.

Doris L. Thompson, PhD


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