Elite Research offers transcription services for a variety of audio formats, including digital, CD, microcassette, and more. Contact Elite Research at 1-800-806-5661 for a free initial consultation.

At Elite Research, we believe a recorded audio minute is more important than the length of the recording. That is why we dedicate all of our attention to the continuous recorded audio to provide a more accurate transcription. Every word makes a difference in contributing to the meaning of a sentence and omitting one can eliminate the whole purpose of the sentence. That’s why we focus on what’s more important, transcribing the recorded audio provided.

Our transcription team is experienced in transcribing a variety of audio formats, including digital, CD, microcassette, and more. We’ve transcribed audio from interviews, presentations with highly scientific terminology, panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls, and seminars with multiple participants. Prices include the formatting of the text into standard transcription format with speaker identification, unless provided with other guidelines or an example of the transcription format desired. As well as a turnaround time of one to two weeks.

Why Elite Research?

  • We believe in providing the best quality of work, that‘s why our office is locally located in Carrollton, TX. You can rest assure that our transcription services are provided internally and not outsourced externally somewhere else.
  • You are only billed for the actual amount of audio recorded on each tape or file you submit for transcription. For example, if you submit a 60-minute video tape with only 26 minutes of continuous audio, you will only be billed for the 26 minutes of audio that we transcribe.
  • You can bring in a mix of audio types on a tape or file and we will estimate as close as possible the number of recorded minutes of each audio type for each file.
  • You have choices in the presentation and format of your transcribed document: It can be formatted to your unique specifications, or we can use a standard transcription format with speaker identification.
  • Your transcription can be transcribed verbatim, if requested, which a second reviewer will check for transcription accuracy.
  • Time stamping is an additional service offered for your transcription for each new speaker or time frame requested by customer.
  • Want to make sure your transcription is as accurate as possible? We offer an additional reviewer service to ease your concern of inaccurate information in your transcription. Rush turnaround services available.
  • Our prices and services are based on customer needs. We offer services that will benefit our customers and price them accordingly with no hidden fees; all fees are set up front.

Feel free to inquire further about how we can assist you with our transcription services. We also have a variety of services, including academic editing and other professional editing and formatting. Contact Elite Research today for more information about our transcription services!

I am so appreciative of the professional services that Elite has provided me during my doctoral thesis. The expertise and professional manner that I encountered during my experience with transcribing and editing services have been excellent. Consultation with [my statistical consultant] and [my editing consultant] was amazing. Their knowledge and experience met my need for guidance and critical feedback. Without their help, I would not have made the steady progress that I desired.  Most importantly, I valued their personal touch of kindness, calm focus, and encouragement. Although online programs have their merit, the personal mentorship is lacking so using the services of Elite was essential to my success. I  have no hesitation in referring other doctoral candidates to Elite because they are committed to high standards and collaboration with the customer. Thank you!
Mary Grogan, EdD


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