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I cannot express how impressed I was with the work Elite Research provided.  I contacted them for assistance drafting a paragraph and diagrams for a the proposed analysis section of a grant proposal I was submitting.  From the start, [my consultant] was focused and provided incredibly thorough, yet prompt feedback.  She was very thoughtful and her advice and insights substantially improved the grant proposal.  And, of course, her theoretical and applied knowledge about advanced statistics was among the best I've encountered. It was worth every penny and I will absolutely use the service again.  You won't regret your decision to use them.
Assistant Professor at an Ivy League Institution


My experience with [my consultants] from Elite Research, LLC was better than I ever expected. I had a big data analysis project do for school and [my consultant] worked extensively with me on the project. I could have not asked for a better person to help me. Elite Research, LLC always kept their word, acted professional, and provided prompt service. I would recommend them for all your data analysis needs.
S. F., College Student


[My consultant] and the Elite Research team far and away exceeded my expectations! Their professionalism was evident not only in the quality of their work but in their quick responses to my never-ending emails and phone calls. They adhered to the graduate school guidelines without exception and their heroic efforts allowed me to meet my deadline. My sincere thanks to the entire team. Without reservation I will recommend the Elite team to my friends and colleagues.
K. W.


I had the great pleasure of collaborating with [my consultant] and the folks at Elite Research, LLC, on the writing of a grant proposal. The agency to which we submitted requires a high level of methodological and statistical sophistication, and Elite's help was invaluable. It ended up being a much stronger proposal thanks to them!
Connie, Union, NJ


I wholeheartedly recommend Elite Research for any student requiring editing and statistical analysis. I failed to follow the recommendations of instructors and peers by not consulting with a statistician during my project proposal phase. As a result, I was behind schedule and my research questions were not as refined as they could have been. I contacted Elite in a panic, on the recommendation of a colleague, and was immediately put at ease by [my statistical consultant]. She assured me that we would be able to complete my statistical analysis in time to present my project to my committee, and that I had not done irreparable damage to my project. I explained to her that I was a very poor statistics student, but she had me ready to defend my project with an understanding of the statistics as they applied to my project. I feel very strongly that [my statistician] was a part of my team, helping me to prepare a successful project and defense, and allowing me to graduate on time. [The billing department] always was available to answer any question I had about my estimates and bills. The fact that they provided such detailed estimates which which were very accurate was also reassuring. I highly recommend Elite Research for any student requiring assistance in completing their projects.
Lisa Ferguson, RN, DNP, WHNP-BC


After working on my dissertation on my own for three years and consulting with a few various tutors from different organizations, I found myself to be even more confused on the purpose of my study. After coming across a list of STATA tutors, I stumbled upon Elite Research. I sent an email to [the lead statistician] and we quickly spoke afterwards. She provided the assurance that I needed to ensure that my study will be completed. [The lead statistician] recommended that [a particular statistical consultant] would be the best person to work with me on my project since it included the use of multi-level models. [My statistical consultant] was very professional, helpful and was able to explain the methods to the point that I felt very confident about conducting the analysis. If I had any questions, [she] was extremely helpful on providing the information and knowledge that I needed to succeed. With [my statistical consultant]'s help and over the course of 9 months, Elite Research was able to get me to the dissertation defense and I have earned my PhD. Thanks to Elite I am now done with the dissertation and I am so grateful. I highly recommend their services. Thank you Elite!
G. S., PhD


I want to express my deep appreciation to the competent and excellent job you are doing as high-level research team. The success of my PhD dissertation is possible because of the distinguished technical ability of your consultants who advised me appropriately on dissertation details. When I first came to EliteResearch, I was skeptical that such a business might not be ableto address PhD research modalities; your statistical consultants proved to me that they are trulypart of an elite research organization. I decided to continue to consult with you because your team actuallyknows what they are doing, with no time wasted and no games played. I can say with confidence to others that if you want robust academic research consulting, I would not hesitate doing business with Elite Research. They helped me with research design, survey review, statistical analysis, creating tables from data, editing and proofreading, and preparing for my dissertation defense. Lastly, I would also say that if you mean business, consulting Elite Research is worth the cost. Thanks!
P. K.


I came to Elite Research with absolutely no idea what to expect, yet I was open to all possibilities of any solutions that will help make my thesis research a success. [My statistical consultant] was assigned to me as my research consultant, and from day one she was professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the necessary steps in order for my secondary analysis to be respected amongst the higher education field. Most of my participation was lab hours, through the lab hours I controlled my own data analyses with the assistance of [my consultant]. Along with [my consultant], I met other Elite consultants, and they were more than willing to assist me in making my data analyses a success. To make a long story short, not only was my thesis project and defense everything I wanted it to be, but also a door to various opportunities within higher education and research. Thank you very much Elite Research, for you I am eternally grateful for your participation in my thesis project.
Heidi B. Scalice, TWU Graduate


I am really impressed with the Elite Research team, especially [my consultant]! She was amazing in helping me formulate and finalize my disseration proposal this last semester. She was the support I really needed to get this finished, and I submitted my proposal on time to my program. In addition, she took initiative and followed up with me continuously to ensure I was taken care of every step of the way. With her help, I definitely put my best foot forward in accomplishing my disseratation proposal. I look forward to continuing to work with her through my last semester finalizing my disseration and helping me with my analysis. Thank you so much Elite Research and [my consultant]; with your help I made the most progress I have in years!
Sonja Fisher


I was referred to Elite Research from a friend, who is a Doctoral student from another university. He received excellent assistance with compilation of his statistics and assistance with formatting the stats. I signed up for the same services and also APA formatting and proofing. Elite gave me a written estimate up front for various services, so I could chose what fit my needs and budget. The turnaround time was incredibly fast! My classmates were extremely impressed by the professional quality of my paper and have signed up also.
Peggy Ostrander, DNPc, APRN, FNP-C
Plano, Texas


During my dissertation phase, I utilized Elite Research as a helpful support system during this anxiety-provoking time. I visited the Elite Research office on a weekly basis for lab hours. During this time, Elite Research’s competent professionals consistently reminded me that they were there to support me. In addition, they were flexible with my schedule and willing to help me be successful regardless of the hurdle. In fact, Elite Research has workshops that support students like myself during this daunting phase. I am so grateful for Elite Research’s support!
Mandy Lusk, PhD
University of North Texas


[My Elite Research consultant] and the team at Elite Research provided me with the statistical support I needed to do my research project and complete my dissertation. She was prompt, accurate, and reliable. The insights she provided while analyzing my data were most helpful and intuitive. Her attitude and approach to working with clients is refreshingly upbeat and supportive. Working with her is a pleasure. I highly recommend [my consultant] to anyone who needs help organizing and analyzing data for any project, be it research for publication, a masters degree, Ph.D., or grant proposal. They are the best!
Luba Maria Levy, PhD


I would like to thank Elite Research for their excellent support and assistance throughout the prospectus and dissertation writing process. I believe that the Elite Research team played a critical role in completing both projects in a timely manner. The staff provided expertise in data analysis and presentation of the research findings, Their help was invaluable to me. My sincere appreciation to the Elite Research staff for their part in helping me successfully complete my dissertation.
Doris L. Thompson, PhD
Texas Woman's University


We have been working with Elite Research for the last five years on a global project spanning 45 nations. For each nation participating, Elite Research has overseen the statistical analysis ensuring accuracy and thus increasing our credibility. We also have gained from training courses tailored to our specific research needs, brainstorming sessions, and visual illustrations which have later been incorporated into fundraising and board presentations. It has been a pleasure partnering with Elite Research and it is our hope to continue on in the future.
Nonprofit Organization


The staff at Elite Research is top-notch! They reviewed my external dissertation grant. The staff provided timely edits. I made the grant deadline well in advance. Very importantly, I got the dissertation grant!
Bridget A. Walsh, PhD
University of Nevada at Reno


I would not have been able to complete my doctoral dissertation without the help, advice, and expertise of the entire Elite Research staff. After more than eight years of procrastination, I had almost given up on my academic dream. Specifically, [my Elite Research consultant]was instrumental in helping me break down my project into manageable pieces. She is a person determined to help all of her clients; she kept me on task! I felt her genuine concern throughout my writing process, and believe that she treats each job as a unique opportunity. [My consultant] is definitely passionate about her work and her clients. Additionally, her expertise in statistics was invaluable! I believe that Elite Research is truly unique because they offer expertise and assistance from the beginning of a project right through the end of a project. The editing services offered through Elite Research were outstanding! I cannot thank [my consultant] and the entire staff at Elite Research enough for helping me to reach my goal.
Carol A. Watson, PhD
Golden Gate University, San Francisco


The services provided at Elite Research proved to be extremely valuable. As I worked on the statistical analysis of information required to complete my dissertation, [my Elite Research consultant] gave much direction and insight throughout the process. The extensive knowledge of the staff, combined with great attention to detail created a final project of high quality with accurate information and a professional presentation. I strongly encourage the use of Elite Research because the many services offered as well as the enthusiasm of the team certainly made the dissertation process easier.
Anna Magie, PhD


My project paper looks fabulous! It reminds me of a seminar that I recently attended on customer service. They gave us examples of what employees do when they do great work versus what employees do who cause the Wow Factor in delivery of services to clients/customers. The Elite Research Team caused the Wow Factor in the quality and delivery of the documents for my Capstone Project Study, in an exemplary fashion! Please give a special thanks to the editors. Thanks a lot!
Ruby Taylor MSN, WHNP-BC


[My Elite Research consultant] was my "statistical mentor" for my online faculty and student surveys sent to over 100 undergraduate writing programs at diverse institutions. She provided invaluable assistance in helping me refine my survey questions so that they would read more professionally and produce findings that would be valid and convincing. [My consultant] also helped me understand the implications of my survey’s findings so that I would not understate nor overstate them. I consider [my consultant] an extremely valuable resource to graduate students engaged in analytical research projects that achieve high confidence ratings and are replicable. Every graduate student or professor engaged in research that I have talk with appreciates [my consultant]'s expertise and her abilities to help students succeed. We are fortunate to have her and Elite Research.
Gary H. Wilson


The services provided by the professionals at Elite Research is exemplary. The feedback I have received from the editorial service team is extremely helpful. When I first contacted the company I was only looking for help with my manuscripts. However, over the summer break I had been working countless hours on an application for a scholar program and I decided to send it to Elite Research for editorial services. I know I made the right choice in seeking their assistance. The revisions I made to my application based on editorial comments proved to be the best investment I made this summer. I recently received an email indicating I had been one of three scholars choosed. I highly recommend these services to anyone who is committed to scholarly work.
Nora M. Liendo, PhD


Elite Research, Inc, under the direction of Dr. Rene Paulson’s scholarship and command of statistical analysis, and with her enthusiastic commitment to the completion of the project, provided the energy, expertise, and guidance needed to establish clear, publishable conclusions from the research data.
Patsy Smith


I would like to thank [my statistical consultants] and the team at Elite Research for their excellent advice and consulting while I was working on my prospectus and on my dissertation. The editing services and their knowledge of statistical analysis are excellent. I was really impressed with the fact that any questions I had were answered promptly. Collecting data using the online web survey for computer analysis was a great approach for my quantitative research. I recommend Elite Research to anyone who has questions and needs expert advice because they are just a phone call away.
Dr. Cassandra Moraveck
Argosy University


Elite Research was the most professional research company that I could find and the most reliable. The research analyst that was assigned to me, was the most understanding and patient person to work with. She understood all of my questions that I asked and sometimes answered them before I asked. This company helped me during my thesis from my pilot study that I conducted through my defense. It was really nice to have a cheering section in my corner after I called them to tell them I’d passed. They will assist you with lay terms to defend your research paper, data analysis, charts, graphs, and anything else you may need. They simply conducted the data analysis which some people either don’t have time to complete or realize they need help (such was the case with me). In the end, I was well prepared for my defense. I was so prepared and defended so well, that the only question my thesis committee had for me was if and when was I going to get my PhD. It was great! I look forward to using your services again as I have started my PhD program and will be seeking your professional assistance again.
DeAundre Cherry, MSHS, CHES
Texas Children's Hospital


I wanted to personally thank Elite Research and its staff for the tutoring services you have supplied for me through my experience in graduate school. I now have a better understanding of educational research with the help of Elite Research. With the assistance of the staff at Elite Research, I am also able to have a better understanding of research methods. To Elite Research and its staff, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your services are incredible and I would recommend Elite Research to any persons interested in tutoring and any other statistical interests.
Mandy E. Lusk, Med, Doctoral Candidate
University of North Texas


I was pleased to have Elite Research support my research work. Their service was prompt and reliable - always meeting my various deadlines and needs. Rene and the team are very professional in their approach to the work. I highly recommend their services for anyone conducting serious research.
Michael Simmons, PhD


I found my experience working with Jackie to be very professional, non-intimidating, and well worth the cost in assisting me with getting my results analyzed, dissertation written, and preparing for my defense. On the administrative side, billing was accurate and invoices were sent at the beginning of every month so there were no surprises in the end. I highly recommend working with Elite Research.
Brian A. Zinser, DBA


I had spent 12 months trying to construct and format Chapters 1-3 of my dissertation according to APA 6 with very little success. I had been through several revisions with the writing center at my university, which, as you may know, can be a very time-consuming process because university writing centers have an inordinate amount of students to assist. After three revisions that took 3 months to complete, I determined that in order for me to complete this paper, I was going to need the assistance of an editing company that could turn around my corrections quicker and make more thorough suggestions. Within 14 days of working with my Elite Research consultant, the following occurred:
  • My Chapter 2 Literature Review was in pristine condition.
  • My Chapter 3 research questions, methods, and instruments for my mixed methods study had been worded by a statistician to a level of perfection that I would have been unable to achieve on my own.
  • The qualitative phase of my research had been sent to one of Elite's qualitative research specialists, who reviewed my focus group questions and administrator interview questions and essentially guided me through the qualitative interview questions to include, as well as the strategies to use for gaining the maximum amount of information from interview questions.
  • My chapters will be worked into the university template from purgatory.
  • My proposal started coming together, and I will be able to stand in front of my committee with confidence.
E-mails I have sent to my consultant during the week have typically been answered within 6 hours. I even requested that my consultant help me stay focused by making me accountable via frequent progress reports that I would send to him. He also sets timelines for me to complete edits and makes suggestions about what I should be working on next. He is a positive influence in this very difficult and stressful endeavor and is aware of my unique learning style, so he complies with the strategies I need to be successful. The billing department developed a plan for payment and has adjusted that plan as my situation changes. The billing department and my consultant always notify me prior to any charges to my account, and they provide an itemized record of what each service entails and the cost of those services. Elite is much more than an editing service; I believe they care about the people they are assisting because it shows. Elite's team will take what you have written and make suggestions on how to develop and expand your thoughts and ideas. They also have a full range of experts, and you can customize the amount of support you need to successfully complete your writing project. Please, if you are like me and find writing tasks of this magnitude particularly difficult, investigate the services offered by Elite. This is a company with an enormous amount of integrity and professionalism.
J. T.


I defended my doctoral study in December 2014, and received my degree in June 2015. Your help with analyzing and explaining the findings was instrumental in the completion and reviews the study is getting. I enjoyed all my interactions with Elite research and will be recommending my students to you.


I appreciate the support provided by Elite Research. The knowledge base, kindness and patience was outstanding!
Jacquelyn A. Cook Kyle, Ph.D.


I was hopelessly looking for assistance with my dissertation after having a bad experience with another company (they were unreliable and unprofessional) I interviewed a number of businesses where both an editor and statistician were offered and found Elite Research. The statistician and editor I worked with were both amazing. They were experts in their craft as well as supportive throughout the process. They were both fast to respond to questions and upfront about costs. I very much wish I found them sooner as they are great with deadlines and checking in with me about my own deadlines. Lastly, I will be defending my dissertation research with the help of my statistician who will ensure I am prepared to explain all my data. This is a one-stop shop. I highly recommend Elite Research for anyone working on his or her dissertation.
M. G., Pacifica Graduate Institute


I want to thank all of you at Elite Research for your help in finishing my degree over the past year and your flexibility in terms of a payment plan. My only regret is not coming to you sooner, as my consultants helped me do 2 years' worth of work in about 6 months. If I come to know anyone else in the predicament I was, I would certainly refer them to your company!
E.E., Ph.D.