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Do you need someone to help with your dissertation? Or perhaps you are looking for thesis help instead?

Our PhD-level consultants can give you the support and assistance you need to finish your dissertation. Our dissertation coaches know from experience how to motivate you so you can produce your best results in a timely manner. Your personal dissertation coach will meet with you to work out the details of your dissertation and create a calendar that will suit your busy life. Getting help with your dissertation has never been so easy!

We also offer training in several stages of the dissertation process. Our dissertation and thesis assistance services include tips about how to handle the politics of graduate school, to maintain positive relationships with committee members, and to meet deadlines. We can help you with the technical aspects (such as research design, analysis plans, defense preparation, and more) of completing your dissertation or thesis in addition to coach you on how to survive the curveballs of graduate school.

There are many benefits to having a dissertation coach help teach you how to

    • Prioritize instead of procrastinate.
    • Establish and adhere to a realistic dissertation schedule.
    • Set measurable and attainable goals.
    • Relax, focus, and proceed when encountering a barrier to your progress.
    • Take responsibility for your work and celebrate your personal triumphs.
    • Navigate the various stages of the dissertation process.
    • Remain motivated throughout your academic career.

We understand that your situation might not always be cookie-cutter, which is why we also offer additional services to fit your unique needs. That’s why our thesis and dissertation coaches offer additional services to customize a unique package just for you. Additional services to fit your needs:

 Extra Lab Hours Editing Services Defense Preparation * Statistics Tutoring * Prepare for Oral Presentations * Transcriptions * Prepare for Defense Meeting

Elite Research is not your average dissertation coaching company. With more than 15 years of experience working with graduate schools and the passion to help and educate students, our consultants provide superior services that set us apart from the rest. Completing your dissertation is much more than simply surviving the process. In addition to helping you keep your sanity by teaching you how to overcome perfectionism, procrastination, and other barriers, we will give your research project the attention it deserves so it will serve as a meaningful contribution to your field’s body of research. Our coaches can help you with research design, survey and instrument development, hypothesis testing, developing an analysis plan, and how to present your results. Whatever your needs may be, we have the foundation to help you with your dissertation.

For more information about receiving help with your dissertation or thesis, please contact us through our website or call 972-538-1374 (toll free at 1-800-806-5661).

Client Testimonials

I had spent 12 months trying to construct and format Chapters 1-3 of my dissertation according to APA 6 with very little success. I had been through several revisions with the writing center at my university, which, as you may know, can be a very time-consuming process because university writing centers have an inordinate amount of students to assist. After three revisions that took 3 months to complete, I determined that in order for me to complete this paper, I was going to need the assistance of an editing company that could turn around my corrections quicker and make more thorough suggestions. Within 14 days of working with my Elite Research consultant, the following occurred:
  • My Chapter 2 Literature Review was in pristine condition.
  • My Chapter 3 research questions, methods, and instruments for my mixed methods study had been worded by a statistician to a level of perfection that I would have been unable to achieve on my own.
  • The qualitative phase of my research had been sent to one of Elite's qualitative research specialists, who reviewed my focus group questions and administrator interview questions and essentially guided me through the qualitative interview questions to include, as well as the strategies to use for gaining the maximum amount of information from interview questions.
  • My chapters will be worked into the university template from purgatory.
  • My proposal started coming together, and I will be able to stand in front of my committee with confidence.
E-mails I have sent to my consultant during the week have typically been answered within 6 hours. I even requested that my consultant help me stay focused by making me accountable via frequent progress reports that I would send to him. He also sets timelines for me to complete edits and makes suggestions about what I should be working on next. He is a positive influence in this very difficult and stressful endeavor and is aware of my unique learning style, so he complies with the strategies I need to be successful. The billing department developed a plan for payment and has adjusted that plan as my situation changes. The billing department and my consultant always notify me prior to any charges to my account, and they provide an itemized record of what each service entails and the cost of those services. Elite is much more than an editing service; I believe they care about the people they are assisting because it shows. Elite's team will take what you have written and make suggestions on how to develop and expand your thoughts and ideas. They also have a full range of experts, and you can customize the amount of support you need to successfully complete your writing project. Please, if you are like me and find writing tasks of this magnitude particularly difficult, investigate the services offered by Elite. This is a company with an enormous amount of integrity and professionalism.
J. T.


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