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Preparing for dissertation defense and dissertation defense tips are two of the many services offered at Elite Research to dissertation students. We understand that some students may not be knowledgeable about statistics, or they might be overwhelmed by complicated mathematical language. Our professional statistical consultants truly want you to understand the results and statistical language in your unique research project. Therefore, we offer all of our clients individualized dissertation defense tips. As part of this help with your dissertation, the statistician who has been assigned to your project will

  • Make a list of general statistical questions that could be asked in your defense meeting, questions which range from simple statistics to more complex statistical formulas.
  • Make a list of unique questions that are individually tailored to the specific statistical issues and results from your project.
  • Help and guide you in your answers to your proposed statistical questions.

At Elite Research, every PhD candidate is given one-on-one dissertation defense tips in person, through video conference, or by phone. This one-on-one consultation is always with a statistical consultant who has worked with you throughout your project. We want to ensure that you have a thorough grasp of the statistics of your own project.

In addition to your statistical consultation, the team at Elite Research will provide you with mock defenses in which other statisticians listen to your mock dissertation presentation to provide other essential dissertation defense tips. We have projectors in our conference room so that preparing for dissertation defense can seem as realistic as possible.

Our goal at Elite Research is to help others achieve their academic goals and dreams. We offer support to our clients throughout the defense process because we understand how stressful preparing for dissertation defense can be. We find that being a cheerleader of sorts or a shoulder to cry on often gives PhD candidates the fortitude to make it to that walk across the stage to receive their degrees.

Feel free to contact Elite to inquire further preparing for dissertation defense and about dissertation defense tips.

Elite Research was the most professional research company that I could find and the most reliable. The research analyst that was assigned to me was the most understanding and patient person to work with. She understood all of my questions that I asked and sometimes answered them before I asked. This company helped me during my thesis from my pilot study that I conducted through my defense. It was really nice to have a cheering section in my corner after I called them to tell them I’d passed. They will assist you with lay terms to defend your research paper, data analysis, charts, graphs, and anything else you may need. They simply conducted the data analysis which some people either don’t have time to complete or realize they need help (such was the case with me). In the end, I was well prepared for my defense. I was so prepared and defended so well, that the only question my thesis committee had for me was if and when was I going to get my PhD. It was great! I look forward to using your services again as I have started my PhD program and will be seeking your professional assistance again.
DeAundre Cherry, MSHS, CHES
Texas Children's Hospital


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