Grant Information

Grant Websites

Here are a few links that may prove useful to you, depending on the type of grant you are seeking. We have also included links for small business and individual scholarship/academic grants, although Elite Research does not currently support these types of grant writing projects. Please keep in kind that while these links are intended to help get you on your way, using these links does not guarantee that you will receive a grant. is a resource to help you locate and apply for federal grants. Please note that this does not include small business or scholarship/academic grants to individuals.
This is a source of financial information about foundations, particularly how much money they gave last year, how much money they usually give, etc.
The center offers databases, including directories of foundation and corporate grant-makers, research information and advice, custom research, and database searching. The website includes online training in grant-seeking, proposal writing, and funding research, as well as an online librarian. There is a fee for use of this website (approx. $20/mo).
While Elite Research not currently support small business/business start-up grants, this website may help point you in the right direction. It contains helpful articles on topics such as what is considered for a small business grant, and it offers information on business grants by state.
This site is specifically for students looking for funds for college. It includes information on grants in addition to resources on scholarships, financial aid, and student loans. Elite Research does not currently assist with scholarship/academic grants to individuals, but this site may help you find what you need in those areas.

Some things to think about before you start your search:

1- Do you have a clear vision of your program, project, or research?

2- Who are you? What is your organization? Do you have a clear understanding of your entire organization?
     a. What services do you provide?
     b. Who do you help?
     c. Who is your competition?
     d. What is your budget?
     e. What is your mission statement?

3- What are you asking for?
     a. What do you need?
     b. Does the funder you are approaching allow those kinds of expenses (i.e. salaries, rent, etc.)?

4- What is your timeline for the project? Is it written out?

5- Funders: You really need to get to know each of them individually.
     a. What have they funded in the past?
     b. How much do they usually give?
     c. Send a letter of intent.
     d. Is your mission statement in line with their mission statement?

6- When writing, be clear, specific, and thorough. Also, make sure that you address all areas that need to be included in the proposal.

7- Do you have a clear and concise budget?