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Elite Research's editors want to see their clients succeed and accomplish everything they want to in their careers. We have helped many potential candidates with the many pieces of job applications, including job descriptions, resumes, and cover letters. For each of these types of documents, our services vary from editing, proofreading, and formatting to reviewing content and visualizing data.

Document Type


Developing and writing resumes can be a tough job because of the amount of directions they can take. For example, some industries desire more creative resumes with image and graphic pieces, and others maintain standards of traditional applications. Contact Elite, and we will be happy to support you and your resume needs.

Cover Letters

In addition to resumes, another intimidating part of job applications is writing cover letters. These are the first documents that employers use to assess your skills as a professional, and they should be impressive and well written. Let Elite's editors ensure that you have everything you need to make a great first impression towards your dream position.

Service Type

Content Review

Content review is one of the major editing services we provide; there are two separate kinds of content review that you can request. The first is the statistical content review, in which a statistician can provide a thorough review of the project design, methodology, and statistical/analysis plan. The second kind is the editorial content review, in which our editors read documents to make suggestions about elaborating, explaining, changing, reordering, or reducing content. Both statisticians and editors ensure that only necessary and valuable information that qualifies as intellectual, academic content is included in the final document.

In-Depth Line-by-Line Edit

For this service, editors read text line by line for specific, complex issues related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Editors look for various editing issues, including, but not limited to, acronym consistency, tense, passive voice, anthropomorphism, subject/verb agreement, single/double quotation marks, brackets, proper use of periods, back-to-back parentheses, etc. Let us know if the specialized editing service of in-depth line-by-line will meet your needs for your document.

Basic Copy Edit

In this level of editing, editors provide a basic overview of text for glaring errors in tense, first/third person, subject/verb agreement, and clarity issues, consistencies in spelling, proper use of periods, ellipses, commas, colons/semicolons, etc. This would be a great choice if you've already been through the document (or had others run through your document) a few times and would just like a fresh pair of eyes on it.


During proofreading, which should be the last step completed in a document, editors compare a final document version (or proof) to a working version to correct unintentional minor errors created during editing or printing before final printing and binding occur. If you are worried about small formatting or printing issues before binding or submitting, let us know.

Document Formatting

Our editors have experience working with university and style guidelines from around the globe. In this editing phase, editors determine the level of formatting needed for your project (i.e., in-depth formatting, basic formatting, or minimal formatting). Formatting tasks include, but are not limited to preliminary pages, font, heading styles, margins, page numbers, spacing, tables, figures, references, etc., based on university and style guidelines (APA, AMA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Data Visualization

Many industries are beginning to visualize and even digitalize their job applications. Fields, such as the fine arts and website management, appreciate resumes and cover letters that are more in tune with applicants' creative tendencies. We welcome job-search projects that contain data visualization; let us know how we can help.

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