Advice for Potential PhD Students

Thursday January 3, 2013

Elite Research offers advice for potential PhD students. Elite Research is a global provider of research design and statistical consulting. Elite Research supports academic, corporate, medical/health, and nonprofit researchers in designing, collecting, analyzing, and reporting efficient and accurate results.

Graduate school could be the greatest achievement of your life if you take the challenge seriously. However, graduate school takes much more of your time and is a larger commitment than any previous job or undergraduate career you have journeyed through up to this point; you can only graduate with a PhD by being one of the most diligent and organized students. Before you do any paperwork or applications to become a PhD student, you should definitely take some time to consider your motivations for doing so and whether you are really up to the task of getting a PhD in your field. Ask your professors and any PhD student you might know about the real time and commitment requirements. If a successful PhD student is a close friend, do not be afraid to ask him or her whether he or she thinks that you really have what it takes to graduate with a PhD in your field. The entire process of successfully applying to graduate school involves diligent work as an undergraduate, including achieving a high GPA and taking part in internships and perhaps even research projects that are relative to your intended higher degree. Keeping an impressive list of accomplishments as an undergrad is even more important if you want to go to grad school immediately after you get your Bachelor’s or if you want to get a PhD by a certain date. Also, keep in mind that most people get a PhD by completing research, teaching, and simultaneously holding other academic positions, such as undergraduate advisors, during their graduate studies. The other most obvious consideration of becoming a PhD student is the financial toll on those largely without means and the strains that full schedules place on relationships with family and friends. Therefore, only those who are able to balance a busy schedule and have stable lives outside of academia will have the most successful careers in graduate school and will be able to graduate with a PhD in their field.

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