Getting Assistance Early in the Dissertation Process

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Elite Research explains the importance of statistical assistance in the dissertation process. Additionally, Elite Research is a global provider of research design and statistical consulting. They support academic, corporate, medical/health, and non-profit researchers in designing, collecting, analysing, and reporting efficient and accurate results.

Statistical support in the dissertation process can vary greatly, providing support in the phases of data collection and preparation for analysis, appropriate analyses for each project, the correct interpretation of the statistics, and how to best present the results in the correct format. The Elite Research team has extensive experience in this process and is qualified to assist in the research process. Elite’s goal is to help the client through the process and empower them with the tools and knowledge to develop and execute an accurate, meaningful project. This rigorous process can be overwhelming and complex; however, having experienced assistance can keep the client more organized and less stressed.

A statistical consultant can be invaluable at the planning stage of a research project, so it is important to contact a statistician who is experienced in research early in the process. At Elite Research, a statistical consultant will review your project for any potential statistical or design concerns. Often, simple changes to survey items or research methodology can save much time and effort later on. You also get to know your statistical consultant, and he/she is able to review your project and give it the hands-on attention it deserves.

Elite Research offers training in research design, proposal development, analysis, results presentation, and defense preparation. Their consultants guide you in how to handle the politics of graduate school, maintain positive relationships with committee members, set realistic schedules, and meet deadlines.
Contact Elite Research today to receive reliable help with all of your statistical or editorial needs! or (800) 806 – 5661.

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