Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Elite Research offers extensive services to Academic, Nonprofit, Medical Health, Corporate, and Independent Researchers. We take pride in offering support to those in need of assistance here in the United States, as well as globally. We offer services unique to each client and our business works hard to maintain it's stellar reputation for quality work in analysis, evaluation, editing, data management, analytics, and data visualization.

Below you can find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If would like to be contacted by one of our consultants or if you have further unanswered questions contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly on 972.538.1374.

Student Services Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your company well-versed in data software? +

    Our company uses various software like SPSS, Amos, MPlus, Lisrel, R, STATA, ArcGIS, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, Nivivo, ATLAS.ti, Dedoose, MAXQDA, etc. Read More
  • Which Universities have you worked with? +

    We’ve worked with a number of Universities, some are listed on our website: Read More
  • Can you code and/or analyze qualitative data? +

    Due to the subjective nature of qualitative coding and analysis we do not feel comfortable coding all data for students because of ethical issues with ownership of work. For students, we are able to code a portion of the data for purposes of demonstrating the process and we can assist Read More
  • I need support with writing my Chapter 4. How can your company help me? +

    We have consultants experienced with quantitative and qualitative analysis. We can help you with coding a portion of your qualitative data, preparing the data for analysis, and drafting an outline of your results. Once we have a firm idea of how your results chapter is outlined, our consultants can help Read More
  • Can you help me with a specific portion of my thesis/capstone or dissertation? +

    A. We help students through all phases of the dissertation process. Most students seek our support with their Methodology, Research Questions, Proposal Development, Analysis, Results, Editing and Defense Preparation. Read More
  • Can you help me with my dissertation proposal/prospectus? +

    Yes, our research and statistical consultants are experienced with a wide range of methodologies (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods). Our consultants can provide guidance, as well as make suggestions and revisions to your document regarding your research questions, research design, methodology, or planned analysis. Can you tell me a little more Read More
  • Can you write my dissertation? +

    There are certain parts of your dissertation we can write for you, for example your chapter 4 (Results) for quantitative studies because the language in this chapter is the statistical language and is not open to interpretation. For qualitative studies we can provide guidance on structuring and organizing your results Read More
  • I need to use a software (NVivo, ATLAS.ti, Dedoose, MAXQDA) to code and analyze my qualitative data. Can you teach me how to use it? +

    Yes. Our consultants can provide you with one-on-one training on the use of this software that is tailored to meet the coding and analysis needs of your project
  • Do you work with a lot of student clients? +

    We work with many different types of clients. Students being one portion of clientele that we have. We've worked with students, faculty and institutions all over the US and overseas. Read More
  • I don’t even have a final dissertation topic yet. Can your consultants help me choose my topic, theory, or make sure that I’ve cited the most relevant literature? +

    Although our consultants have a wide range of theoretical and methodological backgrounds, we cannot provide theoretical recommendations. We can, however, provide information regarding the scope of your project as it relates to your methodology. Our consultants can also provide guidance regarding how your literature review should be structured based upon Read More
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Nonprofit Services Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide any discounted rate for nonprofits? +

    Yes, there is a 15% discount over the full project amount. Read More
  • We don’t have a lot of money. Are you able to make projects more feasible? +

    We try to make our budgets as lean as possible given the realities of what Read More
  • We are trying to find grant money to help us grow our programs. Can you help us with that? +

    Yes, we can contract with you to help you identify possible funding opportunities, writing your
  • I would like to speak with a Nonprofit Consultant or have additional Questions. +

    Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Read More
  • Do you work with or have any experience with faith-based nonprofits? +

    Yes, we have worked with several large and small faith-based nonprofits (both domestic and international). Read More
  • We are trying to go after a grant, but need help on the evaluation part. Can you help us with that? +

    Yes, we can. We can help you set up the research design that you need Read More
  • Because we rely on donations, we have to be very careful with our data. How can we work together and yet protect our data? +

    As a general policy, we aim to protect all of our clients’ data. We can
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Individual Researcher or Organizational Services Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find a statistician? I need help with the statistical analysis of my manuscript. Can you provide support with this? +

    Yes, our consultants are experienced with analysis and manuscript preparation. Read More
  • Do you offer grant writing services? +

    Yes, we have staff experienced in grant writing and are happy to work with organizations or individual researchers in grant work either pre-proposal or post-funding. To help with pre-proposal costs, we offer discounts for clients who choose to build Elite Research into the grant budget and the grant is awarded. Read More
  • Can we add your company as a Vendor? +

    Yes, we would be happy to support your organization.
  • Can your company help analyze patient data? +

    Yes, we have supported many medical researchers in data preparation and analysis. We would be happy to send a Nondisclosure Agreement form directly to your email right now. Once you have had your initial consultation with a consultant, they will be able to provide you with more details on your Read More
  • Our data is housed in a database. Can your company help retrieve the data? +

    Yes, our consultants have experience with this. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with more questions. Read More
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Invoicing and Payment Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I change my account address? +

    Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact your consultant directly to change your address.
  • Do you require full payment up front? +

    We require between 30% and 100% payment at the time our services are contracted. This percentage is dependent on the project timeline and scope.
  • How can I make a payment? +

    Payments can be made by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 972-538-1374. At this time we do not offer payments via our website. You may send a check, pay in person in cash, request a payment form, or request a PayPal invoice.
  • Can you provide me with an estimated cost for my project? +

    Our process is such that every project is different, clients come to us at different stages. Our rates range from $125 - $175 per hour and each phase is estimated in total hours that phase may take us. Once you have your initial consultation the consultant will be able to provide
  • I have a question about my invoice? +

    Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions regarding invoicing or payments.
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Editing Services Frequently Asked Questions

  • What editing services do you offer? +

    Our services include content review, reference formatting, in-text citation check and format, line-by-line editing, and formatting. There are a few different types of reference formatting, line-by-line editing, and formatting that we can perform. This is to give you the best type of editing necessary for your project, and all of Read More
  • What types of documents do you edit? +

    Our editing services cover grant proposals, technical reports, manuscripts, academic documents, resumes/CVs, and creative literature. Read More
  • How quickly can you edit my document? +

    A. Our team has timelines that range from rush to standard depending on the services you are needing. Each estimate is customized to your editing or writing service, timeline and quality of your document.
  • Will I need to make edits to the document as well? +

    Yes. During our content review, we will outline places where your document needs specific input from you (the subject matter expert). This phase is when you will contribute the most to the editing process. Other services we provide (namely the reference formatting and general formatting) may need feedback from you
  • How do your editing rates differ from other editing companies? +

    A. We estimate the editing service needs on an hourly basis, we find that this is a cost saver for the client. If we estimate by page normally some pages move much faster than others. This allows us to customize each service either separately or together. Read More
  • Can you write my academic document? +

    No. We cannot write the content of your document, but if you have the general idea put down into a sentence, we can edit it to convey the specific meaning that you want. Our content review service provides you with the critical eye of an outsider who can help you Read More
  • What types of editing and formatting do you offer? +

    We offer all type of editing from content editing and proofreading to grammar, spelling, punctuation to formatting to specific guidelines or style or reference and citation help. Editing services cover grant proposals, technical reports, manuscripts, academic documents and creative literature. Read More
  • I would like to speak with an editor. +

    Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly on 972-538-1374. Read More
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General Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you outsource your work? +

    All of our consultants are employees of the company.
  • Research Questions +

    If you have any further questions or require research or statistical assistance please get in contact with us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 972-538-1374.
  • Do you offer a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)? +

    We do and I would be happy to send that directly to your email right now
  • I have a tight deadline. Can you work with that? +

    Yes. We work with clients with all types of timelines, and we will certainly see if we can reach your timeline. We offer rush rates in order to expedite projects.
  • Can I come to your office for a meeting/tutoring/lab hours? +

    Sure, our office is available for scheduled meetings. You would work directly with the consultant you are paired with on their availability. Our headquarters are located just outside of Dallas Texas in Valley Ranch/Irving, TX.
  • I don’t see consultant’s bios on the website; can you provide me with that? +

    The consultant you are paired with can provide their specific information. We are currently working on placing bio's directly on our website.
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