Our Office

We understand that consultants and clients alike can spend hours on end working on projects with little downtime. Therefore, our office is designed for comfort as well as function.

Many clients visit our office to personally meet with their consultants or for computer lab hours. Feel free to bring your personal laptop, or you may use one of our laptops or desktop computers, all of which boast a variety of statistical software in addition to standard applications such as Office 2010. Meet with an on-site statistician or rehearse your presentation in our fully-equipped conference room. Browse through our library of relevant literature containing topics which range from technical writing to advanced statistical methods. When you need a break, just grab a cup of gourmet coffee, put your feet up, and recline on one of our lounges before returning to your work with a refreshed mind. Our office is decorated to create the kind of atmosphere where you can feel productive as well as relaxed. In fact, it is not unusual to find past clients stopping by just to say hello.

Elite Research is located in Ivring, TX.