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Research can be an overwhelming, scary, or even elusive thought, but it doesn’t have to be so. The definition of research is to systematically investigate or look into something. So, what is it that you would like or need to look into? Do you have a question about your beneficiaries? Donors? Programs? Trajectory? If you have a question in mind, there’s probably a way to find an answer to it—that’s the systematic piece. Maybe you don’t even know what the question is exactly, but you know you need to move to the next level. We can help you:  



Evidence-based accountability has brought a new level to nonprofit accountability. According to some studies, 71% of funders now require some element of outcomes reporting, and most believe that this trend is only going to rise. With the push for reporting beyond activities performed, evaluation is becoming increasingly more important. But, evaluation is not only about ensuring future funding, it is ultimately about accountability to your mission (mission effectiveness). It’s possible that you may not know what you need, but have been asking of your organization…  



We often say that analytics is the ace in your pocket. There is so much potential in the data that you already have and in the data you could have if set up properly. Data can help you with things such as…



Profitability & Growth  

And the great thing about our team is, we have data scientists and statisticians who make magic happen. They are really, really good at what they do. We can help you grow your analytic intelligence and unlock your hidden potential.



Everyone knows that time is money; this is true for both businesses and nonprofits. Having the ability to get an instant pulse on your organization’s finance, program, or management status can be one of the best investments, especially for board members whose time is especially limited. Data visualization, through the use of dashboards, allows nonprofits to very quickly understand and share large amounts of data, illustrating a necessary action or decision. Dashboards can be customized to the need of the nonprofit – technically or visually. They can visualize…  


Grant Writing

Operational and program funding are critical for nonprofit sustainability and growth. Relying soley on large donations is not recommended. What is recommended is diversifying your funding portfolio. There is over $50 billion available through foundations and over $15 billion through corporations, which can fund many kinds of need from program to operational costs. But like with any good thing, there’s a catch – you have to be competitive. Your proposal has to:  



Your final draft of your grant proposal, journal article, or academic paper is a direct reflection of you and your abilities. It speaks to your carefulness, thoroughness, and rigor. In some cases, this first impression is all you have – it will get your foot in the door or keep you outside in the wait. We offer three types of editing services:  


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