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Our press release and article archive contains a variety of documents written to benefit our clients as well as to keep you informed of exciting company updates and announcements. We invite you browse our archives to learn more about what we do and how we can help you.

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  • Advice for Students

    Written specifically for potential and current graduate students, articles in this category provide tips to help you navigate aspects of graduate school such as choosing which type of degree suits your needs and pointers for defending your dissertation.

  • Announcements

    Press releases and announcements from Elite Research include topics such as company partnerships, internship opportunities, achievements  and more. Stay up-to-date with Elite Research and our role in the statistical consulting and editing communities.

  • Editing & Writing

    Whether you are an academic, business, nonprofit organization, or part of the medical health community, your writing could benefit from tips found within these articles. Topics include technical report writing, medical editing, APA guidelines, business writing, and more.

  • Grants

    This archive contains articles about grants specific to different types of researchers such as nonprofit, medical, corporate, and more. Topics include how to find funding, tips for grant applications, and the difference between internal and external funding.

  • How Research Consultants Can Help

    How can a research consultant help you? Whether you are in academia, industry, medical/health, or nonprofit, these articles can provide you with tips on how to choose an ethical and responsible statistical consultant, why statistical consultants can help faculty researchers, what corporations should look for in research consultants, and more.

  • Tips for Researchers

    These articles were designed to provide answers to some of the frequently-asked questions we receive from all types of researchers. Find tips on survey design, how to increase the quality of you data, strategies for recruiting research participants, and more.