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dissertation services

Elite Research's editors strive to see students succeed and reach their academic goals of earning their Master's and Doctorate degrees. Below, you will find our editing services provided by our expert technical writers and editors, including translating style and university guidelines; reviewing documents for content; editing documents for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and formatting documents to clients' specifications.

Content Review

Content review is one of the major editing services we provide; there are two separate kinds of content review that you can request. The first is the statistical content review, in which a statistician can provide a thorough review of the project design, methodology, and statistical/analysis plan. The second kind is the editorial content review, in which our editors read documents to make suggestions about elaborating, explaining, changing, reordering, or reducing content. Both statisticians and editors ensure that only necessary and valuable information that qualifies as intellectual, academic content is included in the final document.

In-Text Citation Checks

One of the biggest challenges for many dissertation or thesis clients is sources. Every in-text citation must correspond to an entry in the reference list and vice versa. To ensure that all your sources are included in the text of your document and reference list, our editors can conduct an in-text citation check. This process helps relieve the stress that can accompany such a tedious step.

In-Text Citation Formatting

After performing the in-text citation check, the next step is in-text formatting. Our editors confirm correct formatting in the in-text citations by checking for spellings of authors’ names, punctuation in narrative and parenthetical citations, use of et al. throughout the document, alphabetization of parenthetical citation lists, and usage of and or & in narrative and parenthetical citations.

Reference Formatting

Formatting references can be tricky. Different universities and different fields of study require different formatting for the reference list, and references must match dicipline style guidelines so authors can be appropriately credited. Our editors are knowledgeable in APA, AMA, Chicago, Turabian, MLA, and other style guides, so they can help you with whatever is required by your field and institution. Our editors also look each reference up online to confirm that your sources can be found by other researchers.

In-Depth Line-by-Line Edit

For this service, editors read text line by line for specific, complex issues related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Editors look for various editing issues, including, but not limited to, acronym consistency, tense, passive voice, anthropomorphism, subject/verb agreement, single/double quotation marks, brackets, proper use of periods, back-to-back parentheses, etc. Let us know if the specialized editing service of in-depth line-by-line will meet your needs for your document.

Basic Copy Edit

In this level of editing, editors provide a basic overview of text for glaring errors in tense, first/third person, subject/verb agreement, and clarity issues, consistencies in spelling, proper use of periods, ellipses, commas, colons/semicolons, etc. This would be a great choice if you've already been through the document (or had others run through your document) a few times and would just like a fresh pair of eyes on it.


During proofreading, which should be the last step completed in a document, editors compare a final document version (or proof) to a working version to correct unintentional minor errors created during editing or printing before final printing and binding occur. If you are worried about small formatting or printing issues before binding or submitting, let us know.

Document Formatting

Our editors have experience working with university and style guidelines from around the globe. In this editing phase, editors determine the level of formatting needed for your project (i.e., in-depth formatting, basic formatting, or minimal formatting). Formatting tasks include, but are not limited to preliminary pages, font, heading styles, margins, page numbers, spacing, tables, figures, references, etc., based on university and style guidelines (APA, AMA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Table and Figure Creation

Tables and figures are also subject to university and style guidelines. Our editors are experienced in making tables and figures in Microsoft Word and Excel, making sure that your tables and figures follow the appropriate guidelines. Our editors can also create graphics with your data.


Research often involves recording conversations in interviews, focus groups, or other data collection settings. At Elite Research, we have the necessary equipment and software to transcribe your audio data into a color-coded script.

Proposal Development

The development process for dissertation and thesis proposals can be daunting: planning out your entire project and collecting mountains of research for the literature review. Whether you are brainstorming before beginning your proposal, or you are ready to wrap up your proposal for submission, our editors can help you develop your document, including flow, logic, cohesion, readability, and grammar mistakes.

Data Visualization

Our editors understand and welcome the changes occurring in data presentation techniques. Graphically and aesthetically visualizing data has become a crucial part of displaying intellectual content, and many of our clients understand this as well. We can help with visualizing the data for your dissertation or thesis.

Style Guide Services

Dissertations and theses must follow certain guidelines provided by a discipline-specific style guide, such as APA, AMA, Chicago, Turabian, MLA, and Bluebook. However, style guides are expensive and dense. Our editors are experienced in these and other style guides and encourage students who need expert assistance to contact us.

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