General FAQ


Which of your consultants is right for me?

That depends on your required services. We have many statisticians, research analysts, and editors, all of which are profiled on our Consultants page. We can also hold an initial meeting with you to discuss your needs and our services and then determine which consultant is the best match for your project. There is no charge for this initial consult.

What should I look for in a statistician or statistical consultant?

Your statistician or statistical consultant should be able to answer your questions within a reasonable amount of time. Your consultant should be willing to talk with you to understand your thought process about your unique project, your timeline for the project, and any concerns that you may have about having a statistical consultant work with you on your project. Your statistician should also be well versed in research design, methodology, and applied statistics. As most researchers need real world explanation, having a consultant who can explain the statistics in terms you understand is ideal. No consultant should ask for money up front, your project should be reviewed and you should be supplied with information regarding the process.


Do you have any past clients that could make recommendations?

While client feedback is available on our Testimonials page, we can also put you in contact with some past clients.

I e-mailed your company or my consultant with a question but I haven’t heard anything. What should I do?

If it has been more than 24 business hours since you contacted us and you have not received a reply, please call our office directly at (800) 806-5661 or (972) 538-1374. While e-mail is generally very reliable, in some cases e-mails do not make it through to the intended recipient, and we do not always have control over this. In addition, if you send a large attachment, please send a follow-up e-mail letting us know that the files were sent. It is more likely that e-mails with large attachments get “stuck.”

I see that you offer a variety of editing services, how do I contact your editing department?

Please e-mail our editing department at or call Elite Research at 1-800-806-5661.

How do I get to your offices?

Please visit our Driving Directions page for more information.


How often do you offer workshops, and what kind?

We offer workshops covering a wide range of topics related to research, statistics, editing, and manuscript preparation every month or so. Please browse our training and workshops to learn more.

Do you offer private or small group training/tutoring sessions?

Yes. We offer individualized trainings for students designed to improve in statistics (in various software), grant and report writing, or Excel, as well as specific tutoring needs. Please contact us for more information about your specific needs.


There is a broken link on your page. Where can I report it?

Please e-mail

I am having trouble accessing the website. What do I do?

Please e-mail