FAQ for Organizations


I have a question about my invoice, who should I contact?

Please either call (800) 806-5661 or (972) 538-1374 and speak with the billing department, or send an email to billing@eliteresearch.com. All emails are answered within 24 business hours.

Do you offer a payment plan?

While we prefer that you pay your balance in full, we understand that it is not always possible and therefore offer flexible arrangements. Please contact billing@eliteresearch.com to set up a payment plan.

Will my bill be for the exact amount of my estimate?

Anything that takes less time than the amount estimated is not charged to you. You are only billed for time actually needed to complete the work. Occasionally, a client will request additional work outside the scope of the estimate, which is billed hourly. In addition, phone and in person meetings are generally not included in the estimate and are billed hourly.

Will you let me know of the estimated cost for phases of the project in advance of beginning any work?

Because we want you to be involved in the research process, we do not take your project, run the analyses and write up the results, and hand them back to you. While some work is hourly, we provide you with an estimate and an explanation for each phase of the project. You are also provided with a list of options for the statistical explanation portion so that you remain in control of your project.

You helped me with my grant proposal, and I still don't know if it's been awarded yet. Do I have to pay you now, or do I wait until after I find out?

All payments for work done on your proposal are due at the end of the month that the work was completed; payments for our services are independent from the grant being rewarded.

What extra fees do you charge?

There are no extra hidden fees. While some work is hourly, most project work falls into phases. Each phase of your project is estimated and you are in constant communication regarding the process. However, estimates only cover the specific work estimated. If you ask for additional work, you will receive a separate estimate to cover the additional work.

Do you require in full upfront payment?

No. Full payment is not required up front. Partial payments on estimates and statements of work are required. We bill hours monthly outside of these payments. Services performed are billed in hourly increments.

How much does editing cost?

We charge hourly rather than by the page. We do not charge by the page as we have found that it is more cost effective for our clients to charge by the hour. Please contact editing@eliteresearch.com for an estimate of your needs.

What does the free initial review cover? How do I prepare for the review?

The free initial review includes a meeting (phone, e-mail, or in-person) to discuss your needs and our services, as well to review any project related files you may have.


I am under a tight deadline, and I am not sure if I meet your standard turnaround times. Can you make any exceptions?

Please contact us to see if we would have the time to do a “rush” edit. Depending on the time of year and our editing load at that time, we may be able to accommodate you. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

When I get the document back from you, will it be completely ready, or will there be more work to be done?

Editing is a process. As our consultants edit your document, we note any issues that only you as the author are able to address. You are welcome to resubmit the document to us for another review after you have made changes.

Do you make changes directly to the document, or do you use track changes?

Any changes we make are in red font. If something needs to be changed that cannot be indicated in red font, we use a comment bubble on the side of the document. We do not use track changes as we have found that using track changes can alter the overall formatting of the document, especially where widows/orphans are concerned.

Project Phases

What happens after analysis is complete? What types of files will I get from you?

In general, the statistical results are always accompanied by a layterms document, which takes the statistical findings and puts them in everyday language to aid in understanding the findings. We are also happy to create reports of the findings in any format that you specify. This can include statistical write up, tables, graphs, or other types of figures. Our goal is that you receive results in the format that is most helpful to you. In addition, we have created manual type documents for clients, which specify how the work was done, applicable cut-off values, and other criterion as needed.

Why should I consult with a statistical consultant before starting a research project or data collection?

A statistical consultant can be invaluable at the planning stage of a research project. We look at the research questions and the proposed plan to collect data, and we can identify potential issues and problems that may arise in analysis. Often, simple changes to the survey items or methodology can save much time and effort later on. We are trained to spot problems with validity and to identify the most appropriate way to answer your questions. We are also familiar with current trends in grant funding and publications, and we can advise you in methods that may be most impactful to your intended audience.

Can you collect my data?

We primarily collect online or archival data for clients, but we can also assist you with interviews, focus groups, and field collection. For online data collection, we use various online survey tools to create and host surveys online, send out invitations to participate using panel companies and convenience samples, monitor data collection, and download and clean data. We have also collected data for projects that analyze data from national and international databases (i.e. World Bank, Census Bureau, etc) and other public and historical data (i.e. stock prices over time, meta-analytic literature reviews and coding). Please contact us to discuss your specific data collection needs.

Do you consult on qualitative research?

Yes. Elite Research has helped clients with mixed methods projects (i.e., quantitative analyses supported by qualitative questions) and qualitative projects. We understand and use various qualitative methodologies (e.g., grounded theory, phenomenology).

How long will my project take to complete?

In your initial meeting with us, we ask you for the project timelines and/or deadlines. We work closely with your organization to develop a schedule for when the work will be completed along with projected turnaround times on additional work.

Statistical Software

If I am currently working in software that you do not use, can you still help me?

Chances are that at least one of our consultants has experience with the software that you are using. If a situation arises that calls for other software use, we would be happy to meet and discuss the project and software with you to determine the best way to move forward.

My project involves modeling. What software do you use for modeling?

We primarily use LISREL for modeling. However, we also use other software, such as MPlus, when dictated by the data or by the client.

What software(s) do you use for general statistical analysis?

All of our statisticians and analysts routinely use SPSS and LISREL for statistical analysis. In addition, all of our statisticians have training and experience in one or more additional software’s such as SAS, SYSTAT, EQS, MPlus, R, WarpPLS, SmartPLS, AMOS, and Excel.

I can only record my data in an Excel format. Will you be able to still help me?

Yes. If your data is in Excel formatting, we are able to import this data into the statistical software needed for your project.


What types of analyses are your consultants experienced in?

Please visit our Consultants page for more information on some analyses we frequently conduct.

I didn’t get enough participants in my study to run the analyses I was planning. What should I do?

We are familiar with a wide array of statistics, including nonparametric statistics and single case analyses. We can walk you through other potential options to help you best answer your research questions, using the data that you do have. We can also provide you with strategies for increasing your sample size during collection.

I have my research questions, but I have no idea what statistics I will need to answer my questions. Can you help?

We are happy to go through the research questions with you. After understanding the variables involved in your project, we can talk you through the statistical analyses that you will need to answer your questions. In some cases, several analyses may be appropriate to answer your questions. We talk through the options with you in order to help you make the best decision possible based on the specific details of your project.

Can you help me calculate the sample size that I need for my project?

For clients who come to us before beginning data collection, we verify that the sample size you plan to collect will be adequate to conduct the analyses needed to address your research questions. Post hoc power analyses can also be calculated at the analysis phase to determine future directions of the study and sample.

Do you conduct and report effect sizes when running analyses?

Yes. Different analyses have different effect sizes. Some are a part of the statistic themselves (i.e. correlation coefficient), and others must be calculated separately (Cohen’s d). We run the effect sizes for your results and help you interpret them as well.


Do you offer Grant Writing Services?

Yes, we have experienced grant writers who work with you on designing the best proposal possible. In addition, the statistical consultants often write the methodology, analysis plans, and timelines for grant proposals.

I am working on a project with a quick turnaround time. Can you help me?

Ideally, clients come to us with plenty of time to go back and forth on the work and receive input from all parties involved. However, we understand that this is not always possible. Deadlines change, crises happen, or other things occur that require immediate attention. We make every effort to meet every deadline; however, we also have to be realistic in order to give each project the time and attention it deserves. Because we have a team of consultants with flexible schedules, we may be able to help complete your project within a quick turnaround time. Although we cannot promise that we will always be available to help you at the last minute, please feel free to contact us to ask about the possibilities.

I would like to run my own analysis, but I will probably have some questions along the way. Can you help?

We offer several options to help you and/or your organization conduct as much of the analysis as possible with guidance from our consultants. Along with in-office lab hours (where you can work at one of our computers with access to our statistical software and a consultant to answer questions), we also offer workshops and seminars either at our location or at your location.

Can I meet with you in the evenings or on weekends?

We routinely meet with clients in the evenings and on weekends as we understand that our clients are very busy and are often not available to meet during standard business hours. Please do not hesitate to ask us to meet with you at a time that is convenient for you.

Are my documents and data protected?

Yes. We do not share your data and/or results outside of Elite Research. We have non-disclosure agreements available for additional protection.